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6 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2023 COLUMNS A New Materials Paradigm by Andy Shaughnessy 3D Effects in Power Distribution Networks by Istvan Novak Industry Organizations Keep Knowledge Alive by Martyn Gaudion ARTICLES DFM 101: Cost Driver Summary by Anaya Vardya Challenges of DFM Analysis for Flex and Rigid-flex Design, Part 2 by Mark Gallant HIGHLIGHTS MilAero007 Flex007 Top Ten Editor's Picks DEPARTMENTS Career Opportunities Educational Resources Advertiser Index & Masthead SHORTS What Does a Principal Engineer Do? The Journey to IPC-1791 Validation Infographic: The road to IPC slash sheets and material selection Is It Time to Shake Up Materials Standards? Book Excerpt: The Printed Circuit Designer's Guide to... High Performance Materials, Chapter 5 Cooking Up Plasmas With Microwaves A Sensor That Might Someday Enable 'Mind-Controlled' Robots 9 16 17 31 40 64 69 8 32 48 42 60 52 58 70 73 80 81 MAY 2023 • ADDITIONAL CONTENTS 32 48

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