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70 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2023 In the field of PCB design, a massive paradox exists. No doubt, the PCB industry is a fascinating field. The ever-changing design environ- ment faces constant and more complex challenges to make products smaller, faster, and cheaper. There are endless ways that electronic innovation changes lives for the better, as seen when advanced medical systems provide patients a new lease on life. But there also is a downside, an unfortunate side, to PCB design, and it has bothered me for some time. Gone are the days when simulation meant a simple logic simulation of your circuit, or a basic SPICE run to check signal waveforms. The simulation com- plexities that are required often fall "above the paygrade" of all but the most experienced members of a hardware design team. How do you keep simula- tion from becoming a design bottleneck? Todd Westerhoff, product market- ing manager at Siemens, dives into the discussion with Andy Shaughnessy. The EMX Designer solution lets cus- tomers rapidly synthesize DRC-clean passive devices at a touch of a button, based on electrical and geometrical requirements. With unparalleled flex- ibility, EMX Designer PCells can easily be modified to meet the designers' exact layout requirements, utilizing a long list of options from a user-friendly interface inside the Virtuoso platform. The wireless communication between your mouse and your computer is very different than the wireless communication between a satellite and its ground station. The PCBs which are used for wireless communications are as diverse as the term. As a general statement, a more complex wireless communication system will require a more complex PCB. TOP TEN Simplifying Simulation and Analysis Cadence Introduces EMX Designer Elementary, Mr. Watson: Responsible PCB Design Must Go Beyond RoHS EDITOR'S PICKS Lightning Speed Laminates: Optimizing Thermal Management for Wireless Communication Systems Todd Westerhoff

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