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MAY 2023 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 65 References 1. "The Perfect Copper Surface, IPC APEX EXPO," by Eric Stafstrom and Garo Chehirian, January 2014, San Diego. 2. Atotech product brochure. 3. Ludy product brochure. 4. "Evolving Technologies for Fine-Line, High- Interconnect Density Manufacturing," by Dr. Karl Dietz, TPCA-DuPont Seminar, Taoyuan, Taiwan, July 10, 2009. 5. "The Effect of Discrete Bar Anodes on Electro- plating Current Distribution," by Dr. D.A. Rudy, AES Symposium Proceedings, Fort Worth, Texas, Jan. 21, 1976, pp. 47-52. Happy Holden has worked in printed circuit technology since 1970 with Hewlett- Packard, NanYa Westwood, Merix, Foxconn, and Gentex. He is currently a contributing technical editor with I-Connect007, and the author of Automation and Advanced Procedures in PCB Fabrication, and 24 Essential Skills for Engineers. To read past columns, click here. options. For each device, the standard values for the existing measuring channels are stored as set point parameters. New innovative evaluation modules record and evaluate the target and actual values. is enables the calculation of the statistical prob- ability of failures, depending on the frequency and length of the violations of the standard. is evaluation is self-adaptive and improves with an increasing number of data sets. Various evaluations can be made available to the user in a device list, whereby the per- centage probability of an event (i.e., regular maintenance and preventive inspection) is dis- played accordingly. Conclusion The sophistication of electrodepo sition through both chemistries and equipment and analytical techniques, have improved so much that, today, electrodeposition is employed in semiconductor fabrication for through-sili- con vias and IC packaging for through-glass vias in the micron geometries. Each new gen- eration of electronics further erodes the line between wafer and PCB fabrication. e over- all requirement for a plated copper deposit is a thinner deposit, but one with consistent higher ductility, improved thickness distribution and throwing power, and the elimination of surface defects. PCB007 Equation 2

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