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74 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2023 One of today's biggest challenges is finding, hiring, and retaining good and solid employees. Some people blame the times, while others blame the workforce, especially millennials. If that's the way you want to go, then fine, but I must warn you that with that mindset, you will never find what you're looking for. Instead, let's shift the paradigm and become better ambassadors for our industry. Now available on Spotify, Episode 2 of I-Connect007's new podcast, On the Line with… features an interview with Susan Kayesar of Siemens. Kayesar addresses cloud applications and sustainability, as well as some key, new best practices that emerge from using a cloud-based platform for business operations software systems. Package-on-package (PoP) is an electronic component-stacked package type consisting of vertically stacked ball grid arrays most commonly in a two-high stack. The package closest to the board is the logic/CPU com- ponent and is more commonly known as the "bottom" package. The "top" package sits on top of this module and is the memory module. These packages are generally found in consumer electronics (mobile devices) such as smartphones, tablets, and netbooks. These packages tend to be high IO count, fine pitch, very thin packages. Standard of Excellence: Hey World, Our Products Matter Sustainability Podcast: Episode 2, 'Sustainability Through Cloud Applications', Now Available Knocking Down the Bone Pile: Package on Package Rework— Skill Required TOP TEN EDITOR'S PICKS At the recent SMTA Boise Expo & Tech Forum, Barry Matties spoke with Doug Holtz, national sales manager of Conductive Containers, about challenges related to ESD and where manufacturers are most vulnerable. It's a growing concern, Doug says, and there are impor- tant lessons to be learned. Doug also reviews his presentation, and he points out how reducing touchpoints in the supply chain can make a world of difference for both customers and manufacturers. Taking Charge of ESD Anaya Vardya Susan Kayesar Doug Holtz

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