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22 PCB007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2023 Feature Article by Steve Williams THE RIGHT APPROACH CONSULTING Introduction Lean, Total Quality Management (TQM), and Six Sigma are three popular methodologies used in business and manufacturing sectors to improve processes, increase efficiency, and reduce waste. While they share some similari- ties, each approach has its unique focus and: a unique focus and its own set of tools. Here's a comparison of Lean, TQM, and Six Sigma. The Founding Fathers Companies like Toyota are oen touted (with good reason) as the gold standard for quality system models. Toyota's TPS (Toyota Produc- tion System) has been highly publicized and has gained increasing acceptance in American manufacturing operations over the last decade or so. What has not been highly publicized is the fact that many of these concepts origi- nated in America, and quality pioneers like W. Edwards Deming had to take their show on the road to Japan only aer being rejected by the leaders of American industry. e contribu- tions of such legends as Dr. Deming, Dr. Joseph Juran, Philip Crosby, Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa, Dr. Walter Shewhart, and Shigeo Shingo had such an impact on the world that they truly are the Founding Fathers of modern quality. "We strive to decide our own fate. We act with self-reliance, trusting in our own abilities. We accept responsibility for our conduct and for maintaining and improving the skills that enable us to produce added value." –Excerpt from Toyota Motor Corporation's internal document, "e Toyota Way" Lean vs. TQM vs. Six Sigma

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