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10 PCB007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2023 Sit down to a conversation with industry pioneers like Happy Holden and Dan Fein- berg, then add TQM proponent Barry Mat- ties to the table, and continuous improvement eventually becomes the topic. In this roundta- ble discussion, the group turns to the subjects of legacy and the impact of TQM on quality, management, and business operations. Nolan Johnson: Happy, does TQM matter today? Happy Holden: Yes, it does. But with TQM, you can't understand how to live it through just one course, a lecture, or even reading a book. We failed with TQM a couple of times at HP. Finally, John Young, who was president of HP at the time, reached out to W. Edwards Deming. Deming said he'd work with HP only if Young and all his VPs and operations manag- ers were in the front row. TQM and Six Sigma programs are inspired by top-down manage- ment leadership; they're not pushed up from the bottom. Deming emphasized that to learn TQM, you had to immerse yourself in it four times. We came up with an acronym, LUTI, which meant "learn, use, teach, inspect." First, you learn with your boss as the teacher. en, your manager gives you a project for the "use" por- tion. Next, you teach it to your subordinates, and then you coach each of your subordinates on an individual project. e key was going through it four times. TQM: So Much MORE Than Quality A Roundtable Discussion with the I-Connect007 Editorial Team

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