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44 SMT007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2023 Article by Dr. Eyal Weiss CYBORD Imagine the following scenario: You're work- ing in the electronics manufacturing industry as an operations manager in charge of oversee- ing the assembly of cutting-edge devices. One day, you receive news that one of the series of products you've shipped to market has experi- enced a major malfunction, causing an uproar among customers. You frantically try to pin- point the root cause only to lose yourself in the labyrinth of incomplete traceability data. e frustration mounts, leaving you grappling with the consequences of an ineffective trace- ability system. But what if there was a way to transform this experience into a seamless operation? Traceability is the cornerstone of ensuring product quality, compliance, and customer trust, but traceability data as it exists today is not nearly as reliable as one might hope. Enter individual material traceability, an upgraded approach to filling in data gaps, mit- igating vulnerabilities, and eliminating poten- tially costly consequences. The Challenge Despite diligent efforts by manufacturers to implement robust traceability systems, three gaps persist between expectations and reality. e first is a date code mismatch. In some cases, the traced date code—the code assigned The Challenge of Traceability Data: A Call for Action

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