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108 SMT007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2023 Process Control by Chris Hunt and Graham K. Naisbitt, GEN3 In this book, the authors examine the role of SEC test and how it is used in maintaining process control and support for objective evidence (OE.) Issues, including solution choices, solution sensitivities, and test duration are explored. SMT Inspection: Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond by Brent Fischthal, Koh Young America An in-depth insight into new and exciting true 3D inspection technology is provided in this book, along with a look into the future of leveraging big data management and autonomous manufacturing for a smarter factory. The Companion Guide to... SMT Inspection: Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond Advances in artificial intelligence have been limited exclusively to the human world until now, but there are far-reaching applications within the manufacturing sector, too. In this guide book, learn how equipment providers like Koh Young are enabling the Smart Factory of the Future by adopting AI to generate "knowledge" from "experience." Solder Defects by Christopher Nash and Dr. Ronald C. Lasky, Indium Corporation This book is specifically dedicated to educating the printed circuit board assembly sector and serves as a valuable resource for people seeking the most relevant information available. The Printed Circuit Assembler's Guide to... PODCAST! On the Line with... available now on Spotify. In this podcast, we speak with industry experts to get the latest insights and perspectives on the most relevant topics in the electronics industry today. The first series of On the Line with… features conversations on sustainability. Our library is open 24/7/365. Visit us at: ON DEMAND! Free 12-part Webinar Series Smarter Manufacturing Enabled with Inspection Data with expert Ivan Aduna A smart factory is created from many parts, and inspection systems will play a critical role for process optimization in the next industrial revolution. Accu- rate, reliable 3D measurement-based data is essential, and a key element for a true smart factory. In this 12-part webinar series, viewers will learn about secure data collection, AI-powered solutions to manage and analyze data, and how to leverage the IPC CFX-QPL to succeed in the transformation to Industry 4.0.

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