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18 SMT007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2023 Feature Article by Kirk Thompson ISOLA GROUP Despite being a leader in R&D investment in semiconductors and packaging with greater than $50 billion per year, the U.S. has seen its market share decrease to less than 3% in areas like advanced packaging and advanced sub- strates. e cause for this market share ero- sion was a laser focus in Asian countries to attract semiconductors and advanced pack- aging investment through ecosystem devel- opment and incentives. If the U.S. is serious about changing the momentum in onshoring advanced packaging and advanced substrates, an ecosystem approach to innovation and manufacturing incentives must be employed. It is not enough to have the most innovative technology if the supply chain and manufac- turing economics do not deliver competitive commercial opportunities. A Catalyst for Advanced Packaging and Substrates To establish a U.S. ecosystem that enables innovation and commercialization of new technologies, we must establish a viable path to profitability at product launch and at high volume manufacturing with multiple points in the value chain, including materials, equip- ment, components, fabrication, and device manufacturing. Technology leadership can enable profitable business by being first to market and delivering differentiated value by solving unmet needs. Advanced packaging and advanced substrates present a unique oppor- tunity to develop diverse discrete ecosys- tems as the needs for different technologies— ranging from 2.5D, 3D, panel level packaging, embedded designs, and advanced substrates— are unique and offer specific opportunities for multiple differentiated ecosystems.

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