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78 SMT007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2023 e program for the SMTA International Technical Conference is finalized with 90 great papers presented across 30+ sessions. Each session features two to four presentations on a related topic and is organized into the follow- ing tracks: Advanced Packaging (APT): Advances in first-level packaging and assembly High Performance and Reliability (HPR): Addressing unique needs of electronics operating at more strenuous levels and in harsh environments Interconnect Research and Reliability (IRR): Reliability testing and evaluation of soldering Low Temperature Solder (LTS): Developments that can be reflow soldered below 200°C Manufacturing Excellence (MFX): Current project work in manufacturing process areas Materials for Electronics (MAT): New materials used in electronics assembly Medical & Defense Symposium (MD): Reliability in mission-critical applications Technical Innovations (TI): Manufacturing and materials that innovate the manufacturability and reliability of electronic circuit board assemblies and systems Test and Inspection (INS): Ensuring product reliability short- and long-term Women's Leadership Program (WLP): Promote diversity in engineering fields ere is industry buzz around "advanced packaging" and the 2023 Advanced Packaging (APT) track addresses some critical aspects of Conference Program Highlights

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