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66 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2023 region efficiently. Meanwhile, in the Americas, we have partner factories in the U.S. and Mex- ico enabling us to serve clients in North, Cen- tral, and South America effectively. In Asia, we have established strong relation- ships with partner factories in Taiwan, ai- land, Vietnam, China, and South Korea. is allows us to leverage the capabilities and exper- tise of manufacturers in this dynamic region, providing clients with a competitive edge and access to cutting-edge technologies. More than a supplier, we are a manufacturer While our extensive network of partner fac- tories sets us apart, we go beyond traditional PCB suppliers. We are also a PCB manufac- turer with two company-owned factories dedicated to quick-turn services in Sweden and South Africa. Additionally, we possess a company-owned keyboard factory in France, showcasing our commitment to innovation and offering comprehensive solutions to our clients. Proactive purchasing team to combat price and volume disruption To ensure competitive pricing and stabil- ity in the supply chain, our dedicated team of buyers closely monitors raw material prices. rough direct contact with manufacturers of copper-clad laminates in China and Taiwan, we stay informed about price trends, enabling us to take proactive measures in minimizing potential price disruptions. Local warehousing that spans the world We prioritize client satisfaction and seamless service delivery. To achieve this, we maintain local warehouses near our customers, facilitating quick and efficient dis- tribution. is approach allows us to respond swily to clients' demands and provide timely sup- port whenever needed. Sourcing Diversification: Your Path to Resilience and Success As the business landscape continues to evolve in complexity and uncertainty, organizations must recognize sourcing diversification as an indispensable tool for sustainable growth. By weaving a tapestry of procurement channels, companies not only widen their network but also fortify themselves against the volatility of the market. is approach enhances supply chain resilience, ensuring continuity even in the face of disruptions. Moreover, the practice fosters an environment of innovation, as expo- sure to various sources of input sparks creativ- ity and adaptability. In the pursuit of long-term success, embracing sourcing diversification isn't just an option—it's a strategic imperative that empowers businesses to thrive amidst change. DESIGN007 Léa Maurel is Americas marketing manager at Icape Group.

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