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SEPTEMBER 2023 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 79 Many PCB design- ers feel that circuit simulation is something they will never need to learn, and it is best handled by that infamous "someone else." But in our present business environment, with the lack of PCB design and engineering resources, many designers are pulling multiple duties throughout the design process. Sheldon Fernandez, CEO of DarwinAI, discusses the difference between true artificial intelligence and machine learn- ing (ML), and whether we can trust what AI gives us. Is AI only as good as the training it's given by a human? Anaya Vardya, president and CEO of Ameri- can Standard Circuits, has announced that on Aug. 25, 2023, American Standard Circuits celebrates 35 years of doing busi- ness. Starting with a small facility in the Libertyville, Illinois, area, ASC has grown to be one of the major leaders in the North American printed circuit board market. In 1994, the company moved to a larger facil- ity in Franklin Park and then to its current facility in West Chicago in 2004. The critical reliability of electronic prosthetics in the brain to help restore movement to a paralyzed hand, enhancing the durability of EV automotive infrastructure, testing criteria and challenges of working with lead-free materials, and evaluation of reliability and maintainability for safe airborne structures are just a few of the agenda items offered at IPC's High Reliability Forum October 17–19 in Linthicum (Baltimore), Maryland. Getting today's designs "right the first time" is critical, espe- cially with costly advanced PCBs. Companies are slowly realizing that building two, three, or seven respins into the process—and budget—is like flushing cash down the toilet. I can hear some of you thinking, "But that's how we've always done it. Why don't you knock it off with those negative waves?" With the recent acquisition of Advanced Circuits and the subsequent acquisition of San Diego PCB Design, APCT has become the second largest printed circuit manufacturer in North America, offering design, fabrication, and assembly. For the latest news and information, visit Latest Advancements in Safety and Reliability Requirements at IPC's High Reliability Forum American Standard Circuits Celebrates 35 Years in Business How Far Can We Trust AI? Elementary, Mr. Watson: Circuit Simulation, SPICE, and AI The Shaughnessy Report: Simulation, Analysis, and AI APCT Now Offering Full Turnkey Solutions

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