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IPC COMMUNITY 31 FALL 2023 The High Density Packaging User Group International Inc. (HDP) and IPC have part- nered successfully for many years. The groups signed an MoU in 2020 to strengthen this relationship, increase technical collaboration between the groups, and provide a mutual path toward emerging and disruptive high-density interconnect (HDI) technologies. What is HDP? HDP, founded in 1993, is a nonprofit trade organization that offers memberships to com- panies involved in the electronics manufac- turing industry. HDP's mission is to drive inno- vations in the electronics industry, reducing cost and time to market through active collaborations that solve critical and emerging problems. HDP is focused on the characteri- zation and reliability of electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies, focusing on new technol- ogies. What is our area of focus? HDP has an established technical direc- tion with five specific focus areas to enhance understanding of emerging technologies that may affect our members in the future and encourage associated project ideas. HDP's technical direction effort exchanges informa- tion with IPC. HDP's technical direction areas of focus are: • New high-speed materials. Areas of focus include different testing for multiple Tg points, heat transfer characteristics for next-generation networks, high speed electromagnetic performance, high frequency applications, and impedance control with new PCB construction. • Next generation solder alloys. Areas of focus include low temperature solders, new high temperature solders, electromi- gration under high amperage conditions, and continued awareness of possible environmental restrictions. • Higher copper density technologies. Areas of focus include the evolution of IC node and component packaging sizes and pin count, new PCB architectures for HDI PCB construction, signal integrity, perfor- mance, and power distribution. 30 Years of Collaboration HDP's partnership with IPC makes both organizations stronger By Madan Jagernauth, Marketing Director, HDP

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