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DECEMBER 2023 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 57 substantial strategic incentives to U.S.-based chip makers like Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom, and Micron, Cascade Systems vigorously sup- ports enactment of a 2% R&D tax credit here in Oregon for all semiconductor-related manu- facturing companies. is modest incentive, an investment in Oregon's future, will go far toward encourag- ing innovation among many of Oregon's small- and mid-sized tech companies that enable and support silicon companies. (e ripple effect of that investment goes without saying.) It will also help ensure that tech jobs associated with the resulting innovation stay here in the U.S., just as the CHIPS Act is intended to pro- mote rebuilding stateside chip manufacturing infrastructure. Which process technologies hold the most opportunity for growth in the industry in 2024? We are excited to see growth in our customer base in clean technology as we have delivered several projects for customers in this area. EV charging, battery storage, and solar and wind power companies all have needs for our ser- vices, and we are making it a focus area in our efforts. Many of our customers are based on the West Coast and we feel the Clean Tech sec- tor has tremendous business potential for Cas- cade Systems Technology in 2024. How does "going green" factor into your business plan? Is it a cost of doing business or a selling point? Is this something you're investing in? Cascade Systems is a RoHS-compliant com- pany, and our standard is to use lead-free sol- der during our manufacturing process. Cas- cade believes in being as green as possible in our business operations and have an extensive recycling program in place. We do not see it as a selling point, but rather an expectation from our customers to continually minimize impact on the environment. SMT007 Cascade Systems specializes in PCB assembly for volume production and NPI, custom microelectronics manufacturing, box builds, and testing services.

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