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20 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2024 Feature Article by Shawn DuBravac IPC Editor's note: Shawn DuBravac will provide the closing keynote at IPC APEX EXPO 2024/ ECWC16, at 2 p.m. ursday, April 11. e key- note is open to all attendees. Shawn has provided this preview of his planned comments. Technology is reshaping our engagement with the world, propelling us toward a more sustainable, inclusive, and improved existence by integrating digital technology seamlessly into our lives. is move further democratizes access to information and tools, bridging gaps and creating opportunities that accelerate our journey toward a universally accessible and empowered future. ese transformations are unfolding across multiple domains, including healthcare, the home, the automotive indus- try, and robotics. Each sector is experiencing a significant shi, embracing new technologies that redefine their operations and impact. Where Do We See Artificial Intelligence? e widespread integration of AI across var- ious sectors is broadening its impact, from rev- olutionizing healthcare with Smart solutions to transforming homes into intuitive spaces, highlighting its crucial role in boosting effi- ciency and addressing complex challenges. In healthcare, we're witnessing a trend toward personalized care with AI-driven devices like intelligent pillows to mitigate snoring, sophis- ticated sleep monitors, and innovative patient Keynote Preview: Reshaping our Engagement With the World

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