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18 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2024 e printed circuit board (PCB) is the pri- mary base element for providing the intercon- nect platform for mounting and electrically joining electronic components. When assess- ing PCB design complexity, first consider the component area and board area ratio. If the surface area for the component interface is restricted, it may justify adopting multilayer or multilayer sequential buildup (SBU) PCB fab- rication to enable a more efficient sub-surface circuit interconnect. Developing the circuit board to accommo- date surface mount passive and the various semiconductor package families, the designer and assembly process engineer must respect the disciplines, capabilities, and limitations What Designers Need to Know About Manufacturing, Part 2 within each other's realm. Additionally, each must be cognizant of the industry-developed standards and tolerances that control IC pack- aging and the requirements established by the industry for reliably attaching these devices to the printed circuit board. e three primary PCB commodities being fabricated: 1. Single-sided circuits have a copper circuit pattern on only one side and can accom- modate both SMT component mount- ing and through-hole components that are mounted onto the opposite surface, with their terminals protruding through mechanically drilled holes for termination. e single-sided circuit boards are gener- Designers Notebook by Vern Solberg, CONSULTANT

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