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IPC COMMUNITY 65 SPRING 2024 "In recent years, there has been a growing rec- ognition of risks associated with the electron- ics supply chain, and policymakers are engaging with the industry to address the needs of our national security," Rich says. "With the power to influence everything from healthcare to transportation, the importance of IPC member com- panies establishing a presence on Capitol Hill cannot be over- stated. The decisions by the U.S. government are increasingly shaping the trajectory of our industry." Rich brings his experience as an administrator in federal and state leg- islative bodies to IPC. He says that by being on the Hill, our member companies can directly influence the policies and regulations that affect them and lend their invaluable expertise to crafting legislation. "You become the voices that policymakers turn to for insights, solutions, and guidance, ensuring that the laws and regulations passed align with the best interests of the industry," he says. "IPC's commitment to facilitating the engagement of our member companies on Capitol Hill is a testament to our dedication to advocacy and the pivotal role each company plays in shaping the future of electronics manufacturing." One of Rich's roles has been to reinstate the member-led North American Government Rela- tions Committee. Comprised of executives from many of IPC's most prominent members, this committee is poised to tackle its ambitious agenda. Commit- tee members meet monthly to dis- cuss critical topics, such as workforce education, new resources, environmental practices, and strategic policy endeavors. These deliberations consistently create a series of productive discussions, indicative of the com- mittee's renewed energy and commitment. IPC's advocacy team has expanded to Europe to face industry issues and stay involved. IPC recognizes the pivotal role that government relations play in ensuring the resiliency of our European members. Alison James, senior director of IPC's European government relations, has been active in navigating the complexities of European policymaking. "IPC is steadfast in its com- mitment to advocating for the unique needs and interests of our European stakeholders," Ali- son says. "With the electronics man- ufacturing industry playing an increasingly central role in the European landscape, our government relations efforts in the region are paramount." Through dialogue, cooperation, and a dedi- cated focus on the diverse needs of our Euro- pean members, IPC is actively shaping the polit- ical landscape to create an environment con- ducive to sustainable growth in the electron- ics manufacturing sector within the European Union. As the industry embraces this newfound political relevance, the call for strategic and sustained political engagement becomes increasingly important in multiple sectors, especially government funding and grants. Nyron Rouse was hired as director of govern- ment grants and strategic fund- ing to address these ever-grow- ing needs. "With the support of robust funding initiatives, we can empower our member companies to lead the charge, invest in research and development, and ensure that the electronics manufacturing industry remains at the forefront of technological advancement," Nyron says. "These programs are essential for

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