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46 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2024 Well over 10 years ago, I was looking for a new hobby to fill in the gaps of my free time. As a kid, I used to build all kinds of models, including cars, tanks, airplanes, and rockets. Many of those assembly skills helped shape my career in PCB design and manufacturing. erefore, it seemed appropriate to return to my roots and revisit the world of model building. Being a fan of old science fiction shows, I decided to build "Seaview," the submarine from the movie and TV show "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea." I chose the original eight- window version of the sub, and at 39 inches in length, I knew it would be a challenge for my atrophied modeling skills. To make it even more difficult, I decided to go all in on this project and detail it with paint and lights. e first step was to build up a breadboard with LEDs and a power supply to configure the necessary lighting. at meant a trip down to the local Radio Shack for parts. As I entered the store and made my way back to the components section, I purposely tried to avoid the attention of the eager sales personnel, but it didn't work. A young sales lady locked on me, practically vaulted over the counter, and rapidly closed the distance between us, only to lose control at the finish. I'm not making this up, folks. She really did slide into a floor display, sending its products flying. Aer shaking off the shock of this incident and helping her back to her feet, I wanted nothing more than to leave as quickly as possible with the parts I needed. But unfor- tunately, she kept badgering me all the way to the register, trying to sell me phones, batteries, One for the Archives Tim's Takeaways by Tim Haag, FIRST PAGE SAGE

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