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4 SMT Magazine • March 2014 In Part 2 of our series, SMT Magazine helps you make all of your connections! This month, we dig deeper into the no-clean vs. water-soluble solder paste argument, the overstress of compo- nents during the soldering process, the feasibility of low/no-silver solder pastes, the influence of microstructure on bismuth lead-free solders, and high-temperature assembly materials. Feasibility of Low/No Silver alloy Solder Paste materials by Jennifer Nguyen, Ranilo Aranda, David Geiger, and Murad Kurwa Influence of microstructure on mechanical Behavior of Bismuth Pb-Free Solders by David B. Witkin reliability assessment of No-clean & Water-Soluble Solder Pastes, Part I by Emmanuelle Guéné and Steven Teh assembly materials for high-Temperature applications by Jörg Trodler EOS Exposure of components in Soldering Process by Vladimir Kraz 18 30 74 60 44

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