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60 SMT Magazine • March 2014 SummarY: trends in the automotive market are leading to an increasing need for new solder alloys. this article will discuss the reliability of soft soldering alloys at higher temperatures, as well as possibilities for different applications. New technology trends in the automotive market include high-power modules for e-mobil- ity, and a combination of logic and power which will be developed for increased economy, safety and reliability. One of the most important chal- lenges is the electrical system and the realization of complete energy management. The connec- tion between sensor, logic and control units, as well as power transmission for electrical vehicles, is the electronics assembling technology. This article will discuss and show results of reliability in soft soldering alloys (based on by Jörg Trodler heraeuS MaTerialS TeChnology gMbh & Co. Kg Assembly Materials for High-Temperature Applications feaTure lead-free requirements) for higher temperature s (>125°C–175°C), as well as possibilities for dif- ferent applications. Therefore, it will present the basis of the material and the realization for processes for the electronics assembly technol- ogy. Furthermore alternatives and development stages for temperatures above 200°C will be dis- cussed. Introduction Important requirements for applications that combine power and logic devices include: • High power density • High reliability • High heat conductivity • Ambient condition more than 150°C • Lead-free technology • Lifetimes longer than 15 years • Cost • And of course, optimum methods for combining power and logic

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