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90 SMT Magazine • March 2014 mil/aero007 News highlights 90 SMT Magazine • March 2014 U.S. army, Lockheed Demo autonomous convoys The two have demonstrated the ability of fully au- tonomous convoys to operate in urban environ- ments with multiple vehicles of different models. The test involved driverless tactical vehicles navi- gating hazards and obstacles such as road inter- sections, oncoming traffic, stalled and passing ve- hicles, pedestrians, and traffic circles. TT electronics-ImS' Ohio Facility Earns Nadcap accreditation "we are extremely proud of this recognition for our efforts in Perry, ohio. over the past two years, news of nadcap accreditation across our global fa- cilities has been well received by our customers as they see the mutual benefits of partnering with a global supplier that stands for the nadcap ethos," said Mark r. Kray, vP and general manager. Uav market to hit $114.7B by 2023 a new report says the global uav market size can be expected to grow to more than $8 million by 2018. hale/Male/Suav market has the highest business potential throughout the study period, whereas the u.S. and israel will be the maximum revenue generator among the countries manufac- turing uavs. army must be Prepared for Threats to Energy Sector Cybersecurity threats to the united States' energy industry and infrastructure are rising and require increased preparedness by the u.S. army and DoD, according to a new paper from rice univer- sity's baker Institute for Public Policy. Ducommun Income Impacted by Boeing & Embraer Losses anthony J. reardon, chairman and ceo, stated, "we are clearly disappointed in the execution of these programs. To expand our content on such platforms, we bid somewhat aggressively and, un- fortunately, did not meet our planned productivity improvements at the required pace." Global comm Sat Imaging market Sees Demand Increase according to "Commercial Satellite imaging Mar- ket —global industry analysis, Size, Share, growth, Trends, and forecast, 2013-2019," published by Transparency Market research, the market for commercial satellite imaging globally is forecast to reach uS $5,018.6 million by 2019. mahindra Opens First India manufacturing Facility Telephonics corporation announced that their joint venture partnership, Mahindra Telephonics integrated Systems (Mahindra Telephonics), has opened the first private sector aerospace and elec - tronics joint venture manufacturing facility in India. SmTa, caLcE counterfeit Symposium Seeks abstracts both organizations are pleased to announce the 2014 Symposium on Counterfeit electronic parts and electronic Supply Chain. This symposium is the best forum in the country for presenting and learning about the latest technology and policy developments in the area of electronics supply chain and counterfeit electronics prevention. Day Two of DarPa robotics challenge Wraps December 20–21, 2013, 16 teams were the main attraction at the Darpa robotics Challenge (DrC) Trials, where they demonstrated their prototype robots' ability to perform a number of critical real- world disaster-response skills. Pro-Tech Earns aS9100 rev c certification The company has achieved full certification to aS9100C Quality Management Systems—re- quirements for aviation, Space and Defense or- ganizations. The successful completion of the re- quirements and the certification means that Pro- Tech interconnect Solutions is now certified to aS9100C:2009, iSo 9001:2008 Quality Systems, iSo 13485:2003, Mil-prF-31032/Mil-prF-55110, along with ITar registration.

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