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March 2014 • SMT Magazine 97 Todd Kramer is Ceo of Secure components llc, a leading inde- pendent distributor of electronic components, hardware, and me- chanical parts to the aerospace, Defense, & Commercial indus- tries. Kramer is an active member of organiza- tions such as Sae g-19C, the current chairman of u.S. national Committee (uSnC/ieCQ) and the International Working group 06 (counter- feit avoidance). his new column, Kramer on Counterfeits, will run monthly in SMT Maga- zine. To contact Kramer, click here. for all microcircuits and a strict policy regarding qualified suppliers. While I believe it's unlikely the DoD will follow the exact path the Defense Logistics Agency's has implemented, I am hope- ful it will utilize some of the tools that the G-19 committee and other subject matter experts have worked so hard to create. With mitigation standards such as the SAE AS6081 Counterfeit Avoidance Standard for Distributors and the SAE AS5553 Counterfeit Avoidance Standard Manu- facturers, which have been adopted by the DoD, it would seem like a logical part of the solution. I am hopeful that the leaders of our nation, our military, and our aerospace and defense indus- tries will not forget who the ultimate customer is. At the end of the day, it's the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to defend our freedom who need action. Bureaucracy and procrastination will do little to ensure their safe return home. I urge everyone reading this article to recognize the threat counterfeit electronics pose to our nation and do their part to protect their industry, their customers and their families. Much of the information presented in this article was drawn from the "GAO-12-375" re- port to the Committee on Armed Services, U.S. Senate, "Suspect Counterfeit Electronics Parts Can Be Found on Internet Purchasing Plat- forms." Published, February 21, 2012; publicly released March 26, 2012. The full text may be accessed here. SmT CliCk To View Video Interview Joe o'neil, ceo of hunter Technology, discusses the company's recent move to a new facility, and his plans for the new year, including hiring more employees. hunter moves To a New Facility by Real Time with... PCBDesign007 KraMer on CoMponenTS INvESTIGaTIONS, EvIDENcE, aND aN UNcLEar SOLUTION FOr 2014 continues

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