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March 2014 • The PCB Magazine 107 DO WE NEED TO BE MORE INNOVATIVE? continues inventions that have never been tried? Would we make the bet, if there was a slight chance we could become a millionaire or even a billion- aire? Would we still make the bet knowing there was also a chance we could lose everything? You could make the case that only an insane person would make such a bet. And if they were crazy enough to do it, we might even be able to excuse them for acting like complete assholes sometimes—thus the im- portant difference. If you are being an asshole because you want to have power over people, you are contributing to your company's de- mise. If you are being an asshole because you feel completely vulnerable and scared doing something innovative, well, maybe that is OK, and maybe even necessary. It's hard to stay ra- tional when you feel vulnerable and scared. If you are interested in understanding more about the power that vulnerability has over us, I rec- ommend you watch Brené Brown's talk on the Power of Vulnerability. If you wonder why I suggested a video like this, then I ask you to review my example above concerning the Eagle team. Only by having a culture that encourages vulnerability and also encourages empathetic support of each other can an innovative culture be created and sus- tained. The question remains as to whether Ap- ple's innovative culture is still there. The ques- tion for us is, should we and can we jump-start the innovative culture we use to have in the PCB industry? I cover these concepts thoroughly in my lat- est book, You Have a DAM Problem. Click here for more information. PCB gray mcQuarrie is president of grayrock & associates, a team of experts dedicated to building collaborative team environments that make companies maximally effec- tive. to read past columns, or to contact mcQuarrie, click here. High-Speed, High-Reliability, Halogen-Free! by Real Time with...productronica 2013 isola director of oem marketing alun morgan explains how isola has addressed the market for special-purpose laminates. he describes how high-speed per- formance can be achieved with high-reliability, halogen-free materials and discusses the latest developments in ultra-thin glass- reinforced laminates. realtimewith.com CliCk To View video inTeRview

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