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March 2014 • The PCB Magazine 37 Tumne P, Srihari K, Levo T, Pitarresi J. Assess- ment of PCB Pad Cratering Resistance by Joint Level Testing, Electronics Components and Technology Conference, 2008. 4. Godbole, G., Roggeman, B., Borgeson, P., Srihari, K., "On the nature of pad cratering," Proc. 59th Electronic Components and Tech- nology Conference, San Diego, California, May 2009. 5. IPC/JEDEC-9702 Monotonic Bend Char- acterization of Board-Level Interconnects. 6. IPC/JEDEC-9704: Printed Wiring Board Strain Gage Test Publication. 7. Hsieh G, McAllister A, Flip Chip Ball Grid Array Component Testing Under Board Flexure, EC&TC 2005. 8. McMahon, J., Gray, B., Mechanical Fail- ures in Pb-Free Processing: Evaluating the Effect of Pad Crater Defects on Process Strain Limits for BGA Devices. Pan Pacific Microelectronics Sym- posium, 2010. 9. Gray, B., McMahon, J., Mechanical Fail- ure in Pb-free Processing: Selected Mitigation Techniques for Pad Crater Defects, SMTA Inter- national, 2010. 10. McMahon, J., Gray, B., Laminate Resis- tance to Pad Crater Defects: Comparative Spher- ical Bend Testing, Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium, 2011. 11. IPC/JEDEC-9707 Spherical Bend Test Method for Characterization of Board Level In- terconnects. 12. He MY, Hutchinson JW. Asymmetric four-point crack specimen. J Appl Mech 2000; 67:207–9. SPHERICAL BEND TESTING continues John mcmahon p.eng., is manager of the assembly technology services group at celestica (canada). Brian gray, p.eng., is a mechanical engineer at celestica. Ventec on PCBs: Materials for Automotive and Industrial by Real Time with...productronica Ventec's thomas michels gives an overview of the market for pcBs in germany, dominated by automotive and industrial sectors. michels describes how Ventec has recognized the substrate requirements for led vehicle lighting, with a range of high-thermal-conductivity ims materials. realtimewith.com CliCk To View video inTeRview

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