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26 The PCB Design Magazine • May 2014 What Else Should be Considered for DFM? What other issues should we focus on for DFM? Well, the IPC netlist is a good one. Again, let's say you have made a revision to a part and added layers, but have neglected to run a new IPC netlist. The fabricator will be calling you, again, resulting in lost time. Common netlist mismatches that require clarification from the fabricator are issues like these: a) AGND to DGND short. Many times an in - tentional short is by design. b) Castellated holes (plated half holes at a part edge). Here they clearly make a connection to a post sometime later in their lifecycle. From a fab standpoint, we come up with erroneous "broken" or open nets. c) Non-plated holes defined as net points. d) Undrilled surface mounts defined as net points. Time can be saved by making note of any netlist issues on a read me or even on the drawing. In conclusion, why should you embrace DFM? Ultimately, designing for manufacturing and allowing process tolerances will enable your design to be built by more fabricators, allowing for more quotes from more fabricators, increas - ing your supply chain and saving you money. Additionally, carefully reviewing designs for ease of manufacturing also means less time spent on the phone with your fabricator resolving these issues, which also saves time and money. As always, I appreciate your time. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact me. PCBDESIGN CliCk To View Video Interview gary Ferrari of FTg discusses his efforts with iPC's Certi- fied interconnect Designer training program during iPC APeX eXPo, as well as his work on iPC standards committees covering topics such as hDi. Gary Ferrari Talks Design Certification by Real Time with... Designers Forum Mark Thompson is in engi- neering support at Prototron Circuits. his column, The Bare (Board) Truth, appears bi- monthly in The PCB Design Magazine. To read past col- umns, or to contact Thompson, click here, or phone 425-823-7000, ext. 239. feature WHAT IS DFM, REALLY? continues

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