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May 2014 • The PCB Design Magazine 61 e Mentor Graphics unveils New PADS Web Site The Mentor graphics PADs team is inviting PCB designers to experience the all-new is built specifically for designers to learn more about how to improve their PCB designs. f Cadence Strengthens Portfolio in Q1; Revenue at $379M lip-Bu Tan, president and Ceo, said, "We ad- vanced our functional verification platform by releasing our new incisive vManager solution and acquiring Forte Design systems. And we an- nounced that we entered into a definitive agree- ment to acquire Jasper Design Automation, inc., which will meaningfully add to our verification capabilities." g Mouser Sponsors Design Contest for Engineers & Students The grand prize winner will receive global recogni- tion and a cash prize of $20,000 for an innovative product that benefits society and the economy. Previous contests have produced more than 9,000 design ideas from engineers, educators, and stu- dents in more than 100 countries. entries are be- ing accepted now through July 1, 2014. h Zuken Intros CADSTAR 15 with New Routing Features With high-speed interfaces now almost universal, easing their implementation is vital. CADsTAr's P.r. editor now supports impedance balanced routing that simplifies the implementation of high-speed interfaces. engineers can easily route to JeDeC standards and meet DDr3 performance specifications. This reduces design iterations by helping designers optimize circuits for the highest clock speeds. i Prasad to Lecture on SMT, BGA Design, & Manufacturing The course material is based on ray's textbook "surface Mount Technology: Principles and Prac- tice, 2nd edition," iPC -7095 Design and Assem- bly Process implementation for BgA, chaired by ray and iPC-7093 "Design and Assembly Process implementation for Bottom Terminations surface mount Components (BTCs) such as QFn, DFn and MlF, also chaired by Prasad. j Altium Implements Growth Strategy; Relocates units The relocation to san Diego, where Altium has had a long-established sales and operational presence, represents a natural next-step in the implementa- tion of the company's renewed growth strategy. it is a result of the focus on PCB design tools and solutions for the PCB design market. for the latest circuit design news— anywhere, anytime. May 2014 • The PCB Design Magazine 61

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