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July 2014 • The PCB Magazine 45 EMBEDDED RESISTORS IN LOW OHMIC APPLICATIONS continues daniel Brandler is the technical director of ohmega technologies, inc. Manuel herrera is the design and test engineer at ohmega technologies inc. as wireless cellular and connectivity devices like Bluetooth are becoming smaller. Embedding re- sistors has and will continue to be an option to help designers shrink their products. Conclusion Industry trends of smaller and faster devices are challenging designers to find alternative in- terconnection methods and related technolo- gies. Low-ohm embedded resistors built-in-trace are one such technology that should be added to any designer's arsenal of tools. PCB References 1. Brandler, Daniel "The Performance of Em- bedded Resistors by Alloy Type and Film Thick- ness," The PCB Magazine, November 2011. 2. Katahira, Takayoshi "0.3 mm Pitch CSP/ BGA Development for Mobile Terminals" IMAPS, Posted with permission from the 40th International Symposium on Microelectron- ics (IMAPS 2007) Proceedings, pg. 393–401, November 11–15, 2007. ISBN 0-930815-82-3. IMAP 2001 Symposium on Microelectronics, Baltimore, Maryland, October 2001. 3. Gervasi, Bill, "Embedded Resistors for High Performance Memory Solutions," Disco- bolus Designs, August 2013. 4. Christopher M. Scanlan and Nozad Karim, "System-in-Package Technology, Application and Trends" Amkor Technology, Inc. 5. JEDEC, "PC3-14900/PC3L-12800 SO- DIMM with Embedded Resistors" JEDEC Global Standards for the Microelectronics Industry. 6. Ohmega-Ply and ORBIT are trademarks of Ohmega Technologies, Inc. Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank Bruce Mahler of Ohmega Technologies for his as- sistance in this study and preparation of this paper. Figure 2: Signal integrity improvement with embedded resistor.

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