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4 The PCB Design Magazine • August 2014 RF Capacitor Material for Use in PCBs by Jin-Hyun Hwang, John Andresakis, Ethan Feinberg, Bob Carter, Yuji Kageyama, and Fujio Kuwako The universe of PCB materials continues to expand: FR-4, low Dk, polyimide, halogen-free, phenolic cured, thermally conductive metal substrates…the list goes on, and evolves constant- ly. This month, we look at the effect of various PCB laminates on the PCB design process, with articles from expert contributors Barry Olney, Martin Cotton, John Andresakis, Amit Bahl, and John Coonrod. PCB Laminates and AS9100C by Martin Cotton and Mark Goodwin 20 28 12 34 38 Featured Content August 2014 this issue: Materials Feature Columns Material Selection for Digital Design by Barry Olney High-Speed Networks Drive New Material Choices by Amit Bahl Environmental Effects on High- Frequency Material Properties by John Coonrod

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