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48 The PCB Design Magazine • August 2014 Mil/Aero007 News Highlights Murrietta Circuits Nets Raytheon Five Star Supplier Award Andrew Murrietta, CeO and co-owner of Murriet- ta Circuits, announced that his company has been awarded Raytheon's Five star supplier Recognition Award for the second year in a row. he says, "This is truly overwhelming for me and the rest of the Mur- rietta team. i know we have all worked hard to make this happen and we are so pleased and proud we were recognized again this year." IPC Lauds U.S. Rule on Military-related PCBs Following years of advocacy work to clarify the treat- ment of printed circuit boards (PCBs) under interna- tional Traffic in Arms Regulations (iTAR), iPC is ap- plauding the u.s. Department of state's final rule for Category Xi for Military electronics of the united states Munitions list (usMl). Published today, the new rule states that PCBs "specially designed" for defense-related purposes will be controlled under usMl Category Xi. Additionally, any designs or digi- tal data related to "specially designed" PCBs will be controlled as technical data. FTG's Aerospace Segments Show Dramatic Q2 Improvements "FTg's momentum has continued through the first half of 2014 with strong results across the compa- ny, particularly at our two new aerospace facilities in Tianjin and Chatsworth where we continued to see progress on qualification activities, strong orders, and increased shipments," stated Brad Bourne, president and CeO. Merlin Flex Earns SC21 Bronze Award Flexible and flex-rigid PCB manufacturer Merlin Flex ltd., based in the northeast of england, has been awarded a prestigious sC21 Bronze award. The sC21 programme has become a benchmark for supply chain excellence evaluating current business practic- es against rigorous international standards in quality, service, and business management. Multilayer Technology Completes AS9100 Audit Multilayer Technology of irving, Texas is pleased to announce it has successfully completed a scheduled As9100C + isO9001: 2008 conducted in May 2014. FTG Tianjin China Ships 10,000th Flight Deck Product Firan Technology group Corporation has shipped its 10,000th aircraft flight deck product from its facil- ity in Tianjin, China. "it has been amazing to watch the development and growth of our new facility in Tianjin. The team there has learned so much and has developed world-class skills in illuminated cockpit products," stated Brad Bourne, president and CeO, FTg Corporation. NASA Launches Mission to Monitor Earth's Breathing nAsA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) aims to locate earth's sources of and storage places for atmospheric carbon dioxide, the leading human- produced greenhouse gas responsible for warming our world and a critical component of the planet's carbon cycle. DoD Spending Driven by Geospatial Tech Innovation The DoD is leveraging innovations in geospatial tech- nologies to ensure commanders at every level have a deeper understanding of evolving operational en- vironments. "After engineering and integration, im- provements in dissemination and targeting will com- mand the most attention, with spending in 2018 likely to stand at $712.6 million and $579.4 million, respectively," said industry Analyst John hernandez. Power GaN Market to See 80% CAGR through 2020 Overall, 2020 could see an estimated device market size of almost $600 million, leading to approximate- ly 580,000 x 6 wafers to be processed. Ramp-up will be quite impressive starting in 2016, at an estimated 80% CAgR through 2020, based upon a scenario where ev/hev begins adopting gan in 2018–2019. Global Commercial Satellite Imaging Market Forecast This report analyzes the commercial satellite imag- ing market on a global basis, with further breakdown into various sub-segments. it provides thorough analysis and market growth forecast of the global commercial satellite imaging market, based on its applications, end-use industry, and geography for the period from 2013–2019. 48 The PCB Design Magazine • August 2014

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