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August 2014 • The PCB Design Magazine 53 tim's takeaways Tim haag is customer support and training manager for intercept Technology. THERE ARE No STUPID QUESTIoNS continues being back in the office early in the morning to manage the company. Besides being an astute businessman he also led us by showing us the importance of family and a balanced life. All of us who worked there enjoyed the company parties at his house with our kids playing in his pool, competitive vol- leyball matches, and an abundance of food and conversation. And no one will ever forget him strolling through the design area during the work day and in his deep baritone voice issuing the command "Darts!" This was the signal to drop what you were doing and go into the back room for a quick game of darts. I will forever be grateful to Darrel for all that he taught me about design, business, family and life. And it has made me wonder: For all of those who are new in our industry, who will be the Darrel in their lives? Just look in the mirror. Yes, we are the mentors. So let's do our best to help these newbies. Just think, the next time one of these green- horns asks you a really annoying question, you might just be helping to lay the foundation of someone who revolutionizes the business, cre- ates new design technologies, or even designs the control circuits for the first starship. You never know. And why is it that solder mask is green? There are a lot of different theories ranging from the natural resulting color of the original base resin and hardener used, to the color green being the most visible under different lighting conditions as specified by the military. As for me, I just prefer to tell the rookies that solder mask is green because all the other colors were busy at that particular time. PCBDESIGN CliCk To View Video Interview Dragon Circuits' gunny Babaria and Rajan Babaria discuss their work with new partners, and the firm's move into new markets, including drones for non-military uses, such as search-and-rescue. Dragon Circuits Expands Beyond PCBs by Real Time with... IPC APEX EXPO

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