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Medical Electronics Symposium 2014 September 18 & 19, 2014 MARYLHURST UNIVERSITY • PORTLAND, OR Oregon Bioscience Association INEMI, MEPTEC, and SMTA have joined forces to host this international confer- ence, focusing on advances in electronic technologies and advanced manufacturing, specifically targeting medical and bioscience applications. Previously, MEPTEC's and SMTA's conferences were held in Phoenix, Arizona and Milpitas, CA, respectively, drawing technology experts, entrepreneurs and service providers that work in this niche technology space. Typi- cal applications within this space involve implantable defibrillators, neurostimula- tors and drug delivery, inter- ventional catheters, pillcams, ultrasound transducers, hear- ing aids, biosensors, micro- fluidics, wireless communica- tions, as well as future diag- nostic and treatment solu- tions that may use stretchable electronics, microelectrome- chanical systems (MEMS) or nanoelectromechanical sys- tems (NEMS). ◆ Marylhurst University, founded in 1893, is Oregon's oldest Catholic university, and the first liberal arts college for women established in the Northwest. Multiple Track Topics Include: n Track 1: Components and Designs for Higher Density Functionalities This track will focus on advances in electronics components and designs that can make current medical electronics ever more miniaturized with more functionality and at lower power. n Track 2: Solutions for Best-in-Class Assembly and Volume Manufacturing This track will focus on critical methods and protocols to ensure that the production of Class II and III medical electronics is conducted in the most effective, efficient and quality-controlled way with full traceability and zero defects. n Track 3: Next Generation Microelectronics for Changing Healthcare Markets This track will focus on advances in next generation, revolutionary microelectronics for medical devices and applications that solve technology challenges and are aligned with solutions for new healthcare models. R E G I S T E R O N L I N E T O DAY AT S M TA . O R G / M E D I CA L KEYNOTES Digital Health and the Connected Consumer Matthew Hudes U.S. Managing Principal, Biotechnology Deloitte Health Sciences Ensuring Quality Medical Devices Meet Regulatory Scrutiny in the Face of Industry Cost Pressures Mike Tendick Healthcare/Life Sciences Market Sector Vice President Plexus What Can Medical Devices Leverage from Consumer Electronics? Chandra Subramaniam Vice President CRDM Research & Development Medtronic GOLD SPONSOR GOLD SPONSOR SILVER SPONSOR SILVER SPONSOR LUNCH SPONSOR FLASH DRIVE SPONSOR

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