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62 SMT Magazine • September 2014 Smtonline market News highlights Wireless power transmission market: $17b by 2020 Wireless power transmission has gradually started developing in the market and poses a huge po- tential in the future. The market is mainly driven by the consumer electronics segment for the near terms, where it is mainly used for charging the portable device which includes smart phones, tab- lets, and wearable electronics. Industrial electronics Chip Industry reports positive Q1 Industrial electronics semiconductors made small, but important, gains in the first quarter this year, affirming continued strength for a sector that had been battered only two years ago. Given a heart- ening start, industrial electronics semiconductors could finish 2014 with $35.42 billion in annual revenue, up 9.4% from $32.39 billion last year. U.S. Unemployment rate Drops to 6.2% in July Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 209,000 in July, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 6.2%, the u.S. Bureau of labor Statistics reported. Job gains occurred in profes- sional and business services, manufacturing, retail trade, and construction. Smartphone Shipments to reach 322m in 3Q14 Smartphone shipments are expected to reach 322 million in the third quarter of 2014, up 13% on quarter, and see flat shipment growth on year in the fourth quarter, while overall shipments in 2014 will reach 1.2 billion, up 29.2% on year, according to market intelligence firm Trendforce. Demand Uncertainty pressures Wafer makers Pv cell manufacturers' utilization rates continued to drop in June. "Market demand will remain weak in July before the result of the u.S.-China anti- dumping preliminary verdict is announced. Those optimistic about future demand have decided to continue with production; others have decided to focus on inventory control," said Arthur hsu, re- search manager at energyTrend. the Conference board: Strong Job Growth Sustained "The economy generated a gain of 209,000 jobs in July, very close to the average of more than 200,000 per month over the past year. This means that the trend in employment growth, which sup- ported stellar second quarter GDP growth and strong consumer and business confidence, is hold- ing up for now," said Gad levanon, director, Mac- roeconomic and labor Market research. Semiconductors in health, Fitness to See Growth Semiconductors providing wireless connectivity in health and fitness devices are set for solid double- digit growth in 2014 and beyond, especially as a clutch of wireless technologies make their way into a growing number of wearable devices, according to a new report from IhS Technology. Chinese vendors Lead Q2 Smartphone Shipments The worldwide smartphone market grew 23.1% year over year in 2Q14, establishing a new single quarter record of 295.3 million shipments, accord- ing to preliminary data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. 3D printers market in India to Witness Growth 3D printers are emerging as key growing printers in global landscape. Although the market for 3D printers is in the nascent stage in India, it holds immense growth potential in the coming years. These printers are used for designing 3D models of engineering designs, objects, prosthetics, im- plants, dentures, fashion accessories, art, and dec- oration items. top 20 Semiconductor Suppliers' 1h Sales Up 10% In total, the top 20 semiconductor companies' sales increased by 10% in 1h14 as compared to 1h13, three points higher than IC Insights' current 7% forecast for total worldwide semiconductor market growth this year. 62 SMT Magazine • September 2014

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