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September 2014 • SMT Magazine 67 U.S. mILItAry tOOLS tO preveNt COUNterFeIt eLeCtrONICS continues ColuMn led by Senators John McCain and Carl Levin concluded that the U.S. military supply chain is potentially contaminated with more than 1 million counterfeit components. That inves- tigation and others lead to President Obama signing into the law the National Defense Au- thorization Act. Section 818 of this act specifi- cally addresses the need for counterfeit avoid- ance regarding electronic components. The lesson that all companies should take away is this: If this can happen to the finest military in the world, it can certainly happen to any sup- ply chain. What counterfeit avoidance measures has your company put into place to support your supply chain? Are you familiar with standards that address this issue, such as AS6081, AS5553- A, AS6174 and others? These standards can act as a guide to ensure your firm is not impacted by the catastrophic results of a counterfeit com- ponent polluting your supply chain. In addition to incorporating the aforemen- tioned standards, I strongly suggest that you closely evaluate your supply chain. The final DFARS rule mentioned here should serve as a clear and unmistakable indication for you and your supply chain professionals that supply chain negligence will not go unpunished. The risks and liabilities (both criminal and civil) are such that every organization must closely evaluate how it goes about procuring parts. Do not wait for a catastrophic event to occur before a counterfeit avoidance plan is implemented. Seek out trusted suppliers who can partner with your organization. Smt CliCk To View Video Interview Mentor Graphics' Michael ford and editor Andy Shaughnessy discuss the need for supply chain management software that can replace the aging erP platform. he gave a presenta- tion at IPC APeX eXPo that explains the current state of materials management and offers a path for the future. Supply Chain management Update by Real Time with... IPC APEX EXPO 2014 Todd Kramer is Ceo of Secure Components llC, an AS6081 & AS9120 certified independent distributor of electronic and mechanical components to the aerospace, defense, and high- reliability industries. To contact Kramer or to read past columns, click here.

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