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8 SMT Magazine • September 2014 always wanted a piece of Dieter, and he did his best to accommodate them. I didn't know Dieter that well, but I always enjoyed talking to him, and, more importantly, listening to him. It was a good idea to pay at- tention when Dieter was speaking; you could learn quite a bit from his stories. And what a storyteller he was. And he told some of the funniest jokes, both clean and dirty, that I've ever heard. He was a child when his family moved from Europe to A lot of people love their jobs; I do, and I bet you feel the same way. But Dieter Bergman was different. He devoted most of his adult life to IPC, and to PCB design. His heart belonged to Bannockburn. Many of you knew Dieter, or knew of him and his history, so I don't need to rehash his biography. He was in on the ground floor of the modern PCB and EDA industries, and he helped shape IPC into what it is today. All of this made him a rock star among PCB designers. Designers by Andy Shaughnessy I-ConneCT007 the ShAUGhNeSSy repOrt GueST ColuMn Goodbye, Dieter Dieter Bergman with Bob neves at the 2011 IPC Midwest Show.

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