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60 SMT Magazine • October 2014 internal SOPs regarding your counterfeit avoid- ance plan. 5) Business convention is changing; there- fore, be proactive not reactive. The number one excuse given by buyers for not adding new, conforming suppliers is that they've never had a counterfeit parts issue surface. This outdated approach is a sure sign of trouble. A smart com- pany should not conduct business by allowing its suppliers to determine its fate. Companies must challenge their supply chains, and source for companies that adhere to a vigorous coun- terfeit avoidance plan, instead of coasting on past success coupled with a lot of luck. Gam- bling is unacceptable. A calculated risk, itself, is simply too risky. Only a guaranteed counterfeit avoidance and detection strategy is satisfactory. conclusion If your company buys electronic parts and components as part of its business, and you have not created a counterfeit avoidance plan, you are exposing your business to potential cat- astrophic consequences. The long-term benefits and potential profits far outweigh the short- term costs and risks involved in creating and adhering to a robust system. Contract manufacturers should pay it for- ward now, do the work for their customers, and add value to their clients by partnering with certified companies, who themselves add value. This will create a virtuous business cycle, reduce the burden of risk to all parties involved and make your business more competitive in the long term. smt cOunterFeit eLectrOnic Parts aVOiDance: PrOFitabiLitY Or catastrOPhe continues CliCk To View Video Interview Ton Colijn, business unit manager for vitronics Soltec, discusses the company's growth in China, and some of the larger trends he's seeing in Asia. he also talks about some of the firm's new products that were demonstrated at nEpCOn China. Vitronics sees strong Developments in china by Real Time with... NEPCON China Todd kramer is CEO of Secure Components LLC, an AS6081 & AS9120 certified independent distributor of electronic and mechanical components to the aerospace, defense, and high- reliability industries. To contact kramer or to read past columns, click here. krAMEr On COunTErFEiTS

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