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32 The PCB Design Magazine • November 2014 creasing integration on the chip. Moreover, if the elements were manufactured as standard- ized packages devices with a common base footprint (as hinted at in the graphic), the doors open to the manufacture of minimalist solu- tions that provide targeted benefits to both the product developer and their customers. These simple concepts may seem a bit radi- cal given the current state of electronics manu- facturing, especially the elimination of solder from the electronics manufacturing process. Some have even characterized the very idea of solderless assembly as utterly unreasonable. Such a stance actually provides some hope for the future, for as Irish playwright and philoso- pher George Bernard Shaw once observed, "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress de- pends on the unreasonable man." Luckily for the planet, there are increas- ing numbers of "unreasonable" individuals around the globe because change cannot hap- COMPONENT SELECTION FOR EASIER DESIGN & MANuFACTuRE OF ELECTRONICS continues verdant electronics Founder and President Joseph (Joe) Fjel- stad is a four-decade veteran of the electronics industry and an international authority and in- novator in the field of electronic interconnection and packaging technologies. Fjelstad has more than 250 u.s. and interna- tional patents issued or pending and is the author of Flexible Circuit Technology. article pen without them. Some are even beginning to rally around the idea decreasing manufac- turing complexity by reconsidering design and embracing the common grid concept. When coupled with the prospect of simplifying the manufacturing process through the elimina- tion of solder and the prospect of reduced cost and increased product reliability, it seems that making such a choice should be, at the end of the day, a simple one. PCBDESIGN CliCk To View Video Interview Khurrum Dhanji, Coo of imagineering, inc., joins editor ray rasmussen to discuss the full range of his company's technology offerings—all of which are customer driven. he explains the company started as a quick-turn prototype com- pany, but along the way, has evolved into a quick-turn proto/ production one-stop shop. Imagineering's Dhanji on Customer-Driven Technology by Real Time with... SMTAI

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