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November 2014 • The PCB Design Magazine 59 e Digi-Key, Mentor Graphics Launch New EDA/CAD Tools Digi-Key and Mentor graphics Corporation have launched new professional-level eDa/CaD tools, starting at under $200 for design starts providing a foundation for long-term product design. The jointly developed Designer schematic and Design- er layout tools are available from Digi-Key. f Partnership Provides PLM Capabilities to ECAD Design Teams altium limited has partnered with aras, the next leader in enterprise PlM to provide advanced PlM capabilities to eCaD design teams. "Team collabo- ration and eCaD design management are funda- mental needs in today's electronic design environ- ments," said Jason hingston, CTo at altium. g Aspen Labs, Digi-Key Launch Free PCBWeb Designer aspen labs, a joint-venture partner of hearst electronics group, in cooperation with Digi-Key, launched PCBWeb Designer, a free schematic cap- ture and layout eDa/CaD tool for design engi- neers. The new software is available globally today as a full-license application with no limitations on number of parts, size or layer count, supporting a standard gerber output. h Cadence Posts Strong Q3 Results Cadence reported third quarter 2014 revenue of $400 million, compared to revenue of $367 mil- lion reported for the same period in 2013. on a gaaP basis, Cadence recognized net income of $38 million, or $0.12 per share on a diluted ba- sis, in the third quarter of 2014, compared to net income of $39 million, or $0.13 per share on a diluted basis, for the same period in 2013. i DesignCon Releases 2015 Keynote Program DesignCon 2015, the 20 th anniversary of the event, has posted a robust keynote lineup with influential electronic design professionals from stanford uni- versity, synopsys, and efficient Power Conversion Corporation that will take attendees through a nar- rative of the industry's past, present, and future. j Altium Designer 15 Eases high-speed PCB Design Woes altium limited has announced the upcoming re- lease of its professional printed circuit board (PCB) and electronic system level design software, al- tium Designer 15. "altium's r&D engagement with customers is reflected in this software release. We're very happy with the clear feedback and technical advice about high speed PCB design of- fered by our dedicated beta users over the last 12 months," says altium's CTo, Jason hingston. for the latest circuit design news— anywhere, anytime. November 2014 • The PCB Design Magazine 59

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