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44 The PCB Design Magazine • December 2014 of simulation, circuit changes, tests and mea- surement may be required. A recent challenge in breadboard testing and early prototyping is the steady industry shift towards higher density packaging and higher pin counts. Many components are nearly im- possible to physically prototype with using tra- ditional bread-boarding techniques. How then can sufficient testing and prototyping occur prior to the onset of detailed product design? Fortunately, a new class of PCB manufac- turers has stepped into the market. It is now possible to buy just a handful of high-quali- ty, custom PCBs for less than the cost of the prototyping supplies and time that would have been required for bread-boarding. These manufacturers create opportunities for board layout that were not imagined just a few years ago. It is now possible and economical to make boards for extremely early prototypes. This ability used to be solely available to com - panies with large budgets or specialized equip- ment. This change in the PCB manufacturing PCBS FOR MEDICAL APPLICATIONS—A DESIGNER'S PERSPECTIVE continues Kenneth MacCallum is principal engineering physicist at starfish Medical. article market will have a significant impact on medi- cal device development. Conclusion The medical device industry is a heavily reg- ulated industry with slightly different motiva- tions than consumer electronics. Many of the same design strategies apply and many similar technologies are leveraged. PCB design and use in this industry are growing in sophistication and precision. Similarly, advances in manufac- turing capabilities, such as low volume, low cost, quick-turn PCBs are being embraced and leading to noticeable shifts in the design and development process. PCBDESIGN CliCk To View Video Interview anaya vardya, Ceo of american standard Circuits, discusses how his company sets itself apart from the rest by focusing on r&D, and providing r&D services for their customers. recently, the company has been researching sputtering copper into aluminum-backed PCBs with blind vias. R&D and High-Tech Applications Set OEMs Apart by Real Time with... SMTAI

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