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62 The PCB Design Magazine • December 2014 Except for the rather obvious similarity to a vegetable, the name Albert Romolo Broccoli may not ring any bells for you. But if I were to mention his nickname "Cubby," you might re- member this man as the American film produc- er who originated the James Bond movie series. One day, while still a boy in New York, Cub- by noticed an airplane flying overhead. It was the Spirit of St. Louis, flown by none other than Charles Lindbergh. Cubby waved excitedly to the plane and to his delight, Lindbergh returned his wave. Later, Cubby would say that this mo- ment made him realize that in America anyone can achieve anything if he puts his mind to it. We could talk at length about how Cubby took this moment and used it to motivate his life. We could discuss how he overcame great obstacles and navigated massive disappoint- ments, including early failed movie projects and the death of his second wife, only to later build a film dynasty around a simple series of three digits, 007. It is an inspirational story of perse- verance and accomplishment. But let's look at this story from a different perspective instead. I would imagine that Charles Lindbergh had no idea that day, as he waved back at people on the ground below, that one of them was a future movie producer. The thought that his casual salutation could motivate someone to achieve greatness probably never crossed his mind. I bet that he waved to hundreds, if not thousands, of people as he flew over them. The point is, he TIM'S TAkEAWAYS column by Tim Haag InTerCePT TeCHnology Like it or Not, You're a Role Model Figure 1: Charles lindbergh, famed aviator and role model for many.

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