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December 2014 • The PCB Design Magazine 65 one from her squadron's chain of command was present except for her immediate supervi- sor. But because she had once failed a physi- cal fitness test (and immediately re-took it and passed), this one mistake was the point in her career that was magnified. The colonel wrote that her leadership had been gifted with an exceptional team member, but failed to mold her, encourage her, or cre- ate a new leader. The Air Force didn't bother to honor her on her way out the door. Instead, her leaders focused on her one small error, her failed fitness test, and the result was that the service lost a valuable member of the team. Whether you wear a neatly pressed uniform with shiny medals, a suit and tie, a hard hat, or an apron, at the end of the day it's how you foster an environment of growth that will make the difference in how successful your business is for the long term. Are we being a positive role model to those who work for us and with us? Are we leading by example and helping others to grow? And then, are we extending this prin- ciple beyond the realm of business, by investing ourselves in a similar fashion to those from the other areas of our lives? Setting a good example and being a positive influence could be the dif- ference that will make our companies a success, our families tight, and our friendships rich. So the next time we are in a situation where someone looks at us for help, leadership, or just a good example of how something should be done, remember that a simple wave once helped launch the career of a super spy that has saved the world many times over now. Who knows what a similar wave on our part might end up doing for the person who receives it? CliCk To View Video Interview sMTa President Bill Barthel joins editor ray rasmussen to discuss the outstanding technical pro- grams and standards commit- tees offered during sMTa International—part of the partnership between sMTa and IPC. Barthel also previews upcoming association learning and training events. SMTA President Highlights Technical Programs at SMTAI by Real Time with... SMTAI Tim Haag is customer support and training manager for Intercept Technology. tim's takeways LIkE IT OR NOT, YOU'RE A ROLE MODEL continues

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