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58 SMT Magazine • January 2015 SMT007 Supplier/New Product News Highlights Ellsworth Adhesives Earns ISO 9001:2008 Certification The company announces its Spain, France, and Ger- many facilities are now certified to ISO 9001:2008 for the distribution of adhesives and associated ap- plication equipment, and specialty repackaging of adhesives and resins. Weller, Circuit Technology Enter Strategic Partnership Weller announces a new partnership with Circuit Technology Inc. (CTI), a representative organiza- tion specializing in PCB assembly and repair equip- ment including placement, reflow, inspection, soldering, rework, and hand tools, to provide en- hanced training support for all Weller equipment. Dymax Releases Model 455 Micro-Spray Valve The company has released a more precise, flexible, and easier-to-use Model 455 Micro-Spray Valve. It features an inert, 100% disposable fluid path which carries materials from the material reservoir to the spray nozzle in a sealed path. This prevents materials from coming in contact with the valve's inner components and ensures a contaminate-free dispensing process. P. KAY Metal Expands MS2 Solder to Mexico The company has announced the issuance of a new expansion of its MS2 solder dross elimination pat- ent in Mexico. This is the second patent granted for this product and even more important, process in Mexico. The use of liquid dross recovery materi- als in an off-line process has been added to the claims which now exactly duplicate the previously granted U.S. patent. LPKF Launches New Model in Fusion3D Series The latest model in the Fusion3D series extends LPKF's family of high-performance laser systems for laser direct structuring (LDS) once again. For this technology, a laser system applies conductor structures to three-dimensional plastic parts. Met- al tracks then form on these structures. Essemtec Names Test & Rework Solutions Rep With immediate effect Test & Rework Solutions (Pty) Ltd. has become Essemtec's official represen- tative and distributor throughout South Africa. Intertronics Releases New DYMAX 3401 Explained Peter Swanson, M.D. of Intertronics, "Dual-cure 3401 cures rapidly and reliably under UV with low shrinkage and is moisture and ther- mally resistant. Post process it fluoresces blue un- der low intensity black light for easy inline bond inspection." Nordson Advanced Technology K.K. Japan Relocates Nordson Corporation announces that Nordson Advanced Technology K.K. Japan has relocated to new, larger facilities in Tokyo to deliver superior sales, service, technical training, and support to its customers. JAVAD EMS Adds New Nordson YESTECH AOI System JEMS began working with Nordson YESTECH in 2009, implementing an F1 AOI system and later trading it in for the new FX model. Today, JEMS has four FX AOI systems on the production floor of its San Jose, California facility. Dymax Debuts Guide to Light-Cure Conformal Coatings Dymax Corporation's new Guide to Light-Cure Conformal Coatings outlines the benefits of using light-cure conformal coatings as well as cost jus- tification, typical processing guidelines and best practices, product selection criteria, data, and in- dustry specifications. 58 SMT Magazine • January 2015

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