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24 SMT Magazine • March 2015 The thermal design from a mechanical perspective as well as an electrical perspective can be done in parallel. The two approaches complement one another and can lead to the thermal design closing faster, far more reliably, and with a better outcome than if thermal de- sign is undertaken in only one flow. SmT references For more details on this process, see the paper "10 Tips for Streamlining PCB Thermal Design: A High-Level How-To Guide," Mentor Graphics Corporation. 1. "12 Key Considerations in Enclosure Thermal Design… A High-Level 'How To' Guide," Mentor Graphics Corporation. 2. Tony Kordyban, "Estimating the Influ- ence of PCB and Component Thermal Conduc- tivity on Component Temperatures in Natural Convection," Third International FloTHERM User Conference, September 1994, Guildford UK. 3. "Integrated Circuit Thermal Test Meth- od Environmental Conditions"Junction-to- Board," JEDEC JESD51-8, October 1999. 4. "Transient Dual Interface Test Method for the Measurement of the Thermal Resistance Junction to Case of Semiconductor Devices with Heat Flow through a Single Path," JEDEC Standard JESD51-14, November 2010. 5. "Two-Resistor Compact Thermal Model Guideline," JEDEC Guideline JESD15-3, July 2008. 6. "DELPHI Compact Thermal Model Guide- line,. JEDEC Guideline JESD15-4, October 2008. hOW TO STrEamLInE PcB ThErmaL DESIGn continues Feature John Parry, Phd, is electronics industry manager, Mechanical Analysis, at Mentor Graphics Corporation, and serves on the JeDeC Thermal Standards Committee. CliCk To View VIDeo InterVIew Photostencil is invested heavily into the future of customer support, as evidenced by their new "from the ground up" facil- ity. rachel Miller speaks with Guest editor Kelly dack on finishing processes, customer service strategies for technical solutions, and more. Bright Future/Bright Plan: Photostencil by Real Time with... IPC APEX EXPO 2015

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