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March 2015 • SMT Magazine 63 as reference values for other applications. On the basis of these values, the system is capable of making temperature suggestions for similar product lines. If the same product is manu- factured again at a later point in time, and if something has been changed in the system… no problem. The controller precisely duplicates the preset conditions, or displays the differenc- es. This is also an important factor for quality assurance. Many of today's system developers agree: this is the only way to reliably maintain current quality standards in the face of ever stricter technical requirements demanded by the market. Integration of highly specialized software into manufacturing sequences will become more and more commonplace in the future and all over the industry. Systems and processes will be managed, monitored, analyzed and optimized. Produc- tion work orders, product data, efficiency and status data, specified settings, archived profiles and current values are all used to control the systems, to prepare product documentation and for analysis purposes. Data volumes are becoming larger and larger, and keeping them under control and assuring their security are crucial factors. Data security will be one of the great challenges of Industry 4.0. Global exchange of sensitive pro- duction and corporate data is still viewed with skepticism by many global players. In the meantime, some companies, such as Rehm Thermal Systems, have long since implemented the ideas which serve as a basis for Industry 4.0 for their own internal devel- opment. The industry has to think ahead of the future. SmT Markus Mittermair is in software development at rehm Thermal Systems. InDUSTrY 4.0 InITIaTIvES continues CliCk To View VIDeo InterVIew Al Wasserzug, a senior business development executive with Cirexx, explains to Guest editor Joe fjelstad some thermal solu- tions, and talks about his white paper presentation on a circuit board tech Cirexx has developed in conjunction with lockheed Martin. Solution for high-Temperature applications by Real Time with... IPC APEX EXPO 2015 artICle

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