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58 SMT Magazine • April 2015 jetting chamber due to the movement of a pis- ton induced by the expansion of a piezo-lamel- lae stack. A schematic of the jetting mechanism used in this study can be found in Figure 2. The piezo actuation device is activated by an applied time-dependent voltage. This signal was originally controlled only by a rise time, tr, and plateau time, tp. An example of this ac- tuation voltage can be seen in Figure 3a. The implementation of a new electronics control figure 1: example of jetting application of solder paste for various component types, such as bga, pin-in-paste and Qfn. figure 2: a schematic of the jetting device used in the test. figure 3 : an example of a) the time-dependent voltage applied to the piezo and b) a three-step signal with a given rise time, tr, plateau time, tp, and fall time, tf, as used in the study. a b FeAture JETTiNG STraTEGiES FOr MBGaS: a QuESTiON OF GivE aND TaKE continues

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