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64 SMT Magazine • April 2015 gained above indicate that reaching deposit specifications becomes a game of give and take; smaller deposits introduce slightly larger posi- tioning uncertainty, while increased position- ing accuracy demands slightly larger deposits. The game will be won by the combination that ensures process quality. SMT references 1. Bogy, D.B. and Talke, F.E. 1984, "Experi- mental and theoretical study of wave propaga- tion phenomena in drop-on-demand ink jet devices," IBM Journal of Research and Develop- ment, 28, pp. 314–321. 2. Bonnoit, C., Clément, E. and Lindner, A. 2013, "Accelerated drop detachment in dense granular suspensions," Phys. Fluids 24, 043304. 3. Clasen, C., Phillips, P.M., Palangetic, L. and Wermant, J. 2012, "Dispensing of Rheo- logicaly Complex Fluids: The Map of Misery," AIChE, 58, pp. 3242–3255. 4. iNEMI Roadmap 2013, Advanced Manu- facturing Technology, January 2013, iNEMI. 5. IPC-7351B Generic Requirements for Sur- face Mount Design and Land Pattern Standard. 6. Xu, L. 2007, "Liquid drop splashing on smooth, rough, and textured surfaces", Phys. Rev. E, 75, 056316, pp. 1–8. This paper was originally published in the IPC APEX EXPO 2014 proceedings. gustaf Mårtensson is a senior scientist in r&d, physics, at Micronic Mydata, and researcher, bionanosystems laboratory, chalmers university of Technology. Thomas Kurian is a jetting engineer at Micronic Mydata ab. CliCk To View Video interView dispensing is the cost-effective solution for repeatably placing precise amounts of underfills, encapsulants and sealants in otherwise inaccessible areas as packaging complexity increases, particularly in the third dimen- sion. brian chung sees mobile and wearable electronics driving the leading edge of precision dispensing technology. High-End assembly requirements for precision Dispensing by Real Time with... IPC APEX EXPO 2015 FeAture JETTiNG STraTEGiES FOr MBGaS: a QuESTiON OF GivE aND TaKE continues

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