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April 2015 • SMT Magazine 85 bill Moradkhan is the president at portus inc. To reach the author, click here. aDvaNCED BuSiNESS iNTElliGENCE SySTEMS arE NOT a luxury continues smArt business solutions activities as much as possible and focus your re- sources on the value-added activities. Perhaps the biggest reason to take a much more careful approach to your reporting and analytics systems is that more than ever they are a strategic imperative that drive customer sat- isfaction and healthy supplier relationships. In today's interconnected world, often times, the reporting and analysis are being produced for the customer. Your ability to produce the neces- sary information that is expected from your cus- tomers in an efficient manner with the proper depth to drive substantive discussions is a com- petitive imperative. If you are not able to satisfy your customer's needs for information you will engender a reputation of lacking proper controls or not running your business effectively. Simi- larly your ability to drive the desired behavior from your suppliers and other partners is largely based on your ability to supply them tangible in- formation in a timely manner to make the case for a particular agenda. If you have more mas- tery over your data than your competitors, your customers will simply be more comfortable and confident in dealing with you, and your suppli- ers will better understand your expectations and requirements. Not only is having advanced business intel- ligence and analytics systems not a luxury, it is a critical strategic imperative that should be ap- proached with care and decisive action. Any in- vestment in an analytics solution should be justi- fied with an ROI analysis that balances the cost of the solution with the expected efficiency gain in your workforce, the impact to your business of making timely and better decisions, the gain in customer satisfaction and the improvement of your supplier relationships. SMT CliCk To View Video interView Michael Ford, Senior Marketing Manager for the valor division of Mentor graphics, sits down with i-connect007's andy Shaughnessy to discuss how to make reshoring viable in the changing marketplace. reshoring Not Just a Trend by Real Time with... IPC APEX EXPO 2015

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