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20 The PCB Magazine • April 2015 Abstract The rapid evolution of high-density in- terconnects printed circuit board (HDI PCB) technologies over the last five years has been accelerated largely by the mass production de- mands for global deployment of 3G and 4G mobile phone products at attractive consumer pricing. The major capacity expansions in Asia factories has allowed circuit shipments at the highest volumes and quality levels yet experi- enced since the invention of the circuit board in the 1950s. As the Internet of Things (IoT) spawns new intelligent connected platforms (IP) for sensing and control products such as wearable electron- ics, home automation, and medical monitoring, HDI processing is being applied to rigid-flexible printed circuits (RFPC) and multilayer flexible printed circuits (FPCs), modified in new ways to achieve mechanical, physical, and chemical exposure robustness and low latency communi- cation to the cloud. The purpose of this article is to explore the key requirements and new ap- proaches required for the application of HDI, especially stacked, copper filled microvia pro- by William Beckenbaugh, Ph.D. and Joan K. Vrtis, Ph.D. MulTek TeCHnoloGIeS lTD. High-Density Interconnects: Enabling the Intelligence of Things cessing of thinner, low loss materials, to achieve the routing and solder joining capabilities re- quired by advanced surface mount technol- ogy and final assembly techniques dictated for FeAture

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