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The Process ▪ Conveyorized metallization and plating system ▪ Proven in high volume HDI production ▪ Inpulse 2HF with insoluble anodes gives longest electrolyte lifetime in full production ▪ Superlative filling results with minimum surface plated copper ▪ Filled BMV with less than 5 µm dimple Savings ▪ 50% less plated copper on surface ▪ Reduced soldermask consumption ▪ Reduced etching process consumption ▪ Minimum processing time for filling ▪ Less wastewater treatment Features and Benefits ▪ High productivity ▪ Excellent surface uniformity ▪ 2 MIL line and space capability ▪ Lowest possible surface Cu plated for BMV filling Filled stacked BMV for mobile phone production with Inpulse 2HF and SuperFilling Diameter 170 μm / Depth 100 μm Plating thickness 15 μm Plating time approx. 30 min Dimple < 10 μm Atotech | www.atotech.com | Email: info@atotech.com Atotech's Inpulse 2HF – The Low Cost Solution for Blind Micro Via Filling Increase Productivity / Performance Material Usage Decrease Start Saving Now!

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