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74 The PCB Magazine • April 2015 1 How 3D Printing will Impact PCB Fabrication In the near future, we will enter an era where elec- tronic devices are printed, rather than assembled. They will be fabricated layer-by-layer as a single object, rather than assembled from separate me- chanical, electrical, and optical parts. This article describes the implications that 3D printing will have on PCB manufacturing. 2 Material Witness: Low-Flow Prepregs—Defining the Beast! The term "low flow" should make sense to both suppliers and users of the products. a low-flow prepreg flows sufficiently to wet out and adhere to bonding surfaces and to fill innerlayer copper details, but does not flow so much as to fill in cut-out areas in a heat sink or run unevenly out of the interface between rigid and flexible elements of a rigid-flex PwB. 3 Raising a Unified Voice for an Advanced Manufacturing Economy The electronics manufacturing industry is an im- portant sector in the global economy, and John Hasselmann, VP of Government relations at IPC, is an advocate for policies that will help our industry, as well as the prosperity and welfare of billions of people. 4 Reliability and Harmonization of Global Standards at Forefront of EIPC Efforts at IPC aPex exPo 2015, I-Connect007 Technical editor Pete Starkey caught up with eIPC's Michael weinhold and alun Morgan, who were happy to discuss both recent and ongoing focuses for eIPC, namely, reliability. also touched on was the impor- tance of the alignment of global standardization processes, especially for asia. top ten Recent Highlights from PCB007 74 The PCB Magazine • April 2015

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