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46 The PCB Design Magazine • April 2015 I-Connect007 Guest Editor Kelly Dack spent time at Hunter Technology's Silicon Valley plant. He had the opportunity to sit down with two recent CID recipients, Jeff Davidson and Zev Gross, who completed Dack's CID training program. The two also discuss the benefits of achieving certification and their plans to take the CID+ advanced course. Kelly Dack: thank you for the opportunity to visit hunter technology. And congratulations to you both for achieving iPc's certified interconnect de- sign certification. i enjoyed having you both in my class. Jeff Davidson: Thank you. Zev Gross: Thank you, Kelly. Dack: now, not many people get an opportunity to tell the world about this experience. what was it like going through the certification process? Davidson: Well, there was a lot of information in the book, but I thought it was pretty straight- forward. And the materials are sent to us before- hand. Dack: Zev, what was it like for you? As one of our more vocal students in the class, you seemed to have a take on every concept that we discussed, and it blended right in with where we were going. As an instructor, it was helpful to have your com- mentary in the class. Gross: First of all, the feeling is great to have certification in our field, which is typically un- Hunter's Two Newest CID Recipients Discuss Certification article Figure 1: Kelly Dack speaks with new CiD recipients zev Gross and Jeff Davidson, from left to right.

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